We offer a range of health solutions

Our expertise can help you extablish a better outlook on life!

Utilising the expertise of Joan van Rotterdam will give you time to get your life back on the road to a healthier you. Do not miss this opportunity to make a new contact to improve your life. We offer practical solutions to problems that you face because of your injury, whether it is in the workplace or playing sport.

Systems and procedures

Joan van Rotterdam offers a range of solutions to suit you. We can design a practical programm of treatment and exercise to suit your work and lifestyle.

We assess your health needs and help uncover areas that need work with exercise or treatment. We can recommend a range of solutions, we fit our treatment to your needs whether it is manipulative therapy, mobilisation, massage or acupuncture.

Ongoing support

Joan van Rotterdam prides herself on being available for your questions and to providing ongoing support. We have regular catch-ups with all our patients to assess and maintain your health needs.